5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Stop SEO in COVID-19

COVID-19, the global pandemic, has affected every part and sphere of life all over the world. The outbreak is so deadly that most of the nations have decided to lockdown completely in an effort to contain the outbreak. The global economy is severely hit and struggling for its sustenance.

As the economy reels through the impact of this fatal disease, organisations and businesses are shifting strategies to stay alive in this bio-war. The game is in your hands whether you want to turn it in your favour by going digital or lose it by just waiting!

Time for a reality check- Businesses can thrive in downtimes and emerge as winners by rightfully investing in SEO in this new global norm. The Blogging Hacks brings to you the top five reasons why you shouldn’t stop your SEO efforts in COVID-2019 Lockdown.

1. Search Engine Marketing Keeps your Business Alive

If you can maintain the cash flow during the economic downtime, you can easily push through the hard times. During the lockdown period, investing in both organic and paid SEO campaigns helps you reach your consumers.

People still need products even during the 21-day lockdown or the 14-days quarantine period. Indeed, leverage this time to build a solid mailing list. SEO keeps you connected with the consumers when they are looking for a product or service.

SEO efforts make sure that your brand is alive and is placed rightly in front of the searchers. The overall sales may be impacted due to the ongoing crisis but will certainly allow you to make a cut by the time things turn to normal.

2. Better Decisions

We all know that search is measurable. By looking at the analytics, you can take the right decisions like where to focus more if you are facing a budget crunch. With the help of SEO metrics, you can immediately shift the efforts to the customers having immediate buying intent.

The buying behavior will be experiencing significant changes in the next couple of months, but an ongoing SEO campaign ensures that every penny spent is worth the investment.

By suitably changing the keywords, phrases and other SEO strategies, you can influence people who are still in the mind frame of buying.

3. People Search for Alternatives

With the lockdown, it can be assumed that some things are going to get scarce in the near future. When the desired items are not available in the market, people start looking for alternatives.

To be in the game, you need to be in the search results when people are performing such searches.

Search Engine Marketing helps you achieve that.

4. Need for Products & Services will continue

Well, the world is not going to end. People will still be needing products and services. SEO helps you stay on the forefront of people’s choices when buying decisions are made.

Be it paid or organic, Search Engine is the best approach to reach your customers in a lockdown situation.

5. Things Will Get Back to Normal

Eventually, things will get back to normal in a couple of months. This new global world would see that going digital and topping the Search Engine charts are still rewarding as your presence stays intact.

The businesses that implement SEO or continue with SEO in the downtimes would emerge as winners when things normalize. We all know that SEO takes time to grow and cannot be attained in a single day.

Keeping your SEO efforts alive would bear fruit and reap incredible results for years to come.

What I recommend is that you should start aggressive SEO marketing if you have not started yet for your business.

Here are some suggestions that can be used to improve your SERP rankings and overall SEO strategies.

1. Publishing Relevant Content

There is absolutely no substitute for great content. This will improve your relevance and site authority. Explore the free SEO tools for negative keywords that need to be appended (such as COVID, Coronavirus) to get more traffic and footfalls.

2. Traffic Analysis

Stay connected with major platforms such as Google Trends to remain updated regarding the changing scenarios. Also, analyze the SEO reports for exact or broad matched keywords.

3. Update Content Regularly

Having an updated content or blog post would significantly add to the relevancy of the content. The best way to maintain rankings is to ensure that the posted content is fresh and appealing.

4. Metadata

Diligently frame your metadata. Make sure that your title and description metadata is attractive and eye-catching.

5. Descriptive Links

Rather than using “Click Here”, try to write in words or use descriptive links. You can also use a single sentence or few words to describe the destination. “Click Here” has zero Search Engine value. Linking keywords using descriptive links will boost your SEO efforts and also, add value to your readers (especially the ones using screen readers).

6. Use alt tags

If you are using any audio/visual elements in your blog post, make sure that they are appropriately described using tags. This helps the search engines to locate the page and rank accordingly in search engines.

In a nutshell, SEO is something that helps your business survives through this global economic slowdown with more stability. The world is not going anywhere. The need for goods and services will continue even during such global pandemonium.

Give your business a new life with digital marketing and don’t stop your SEO efforts. Get started today sitting at your home and reap benefits tomorrow.

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